Watermelon Seeds (100 pieces)

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Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. It is native to Africa and was then introduced to Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Even though watermelon is commonly classified as a vegetable, it is botanically considered as a fruit and used primarily as a dessert.

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Scientific Name (Species, Family): Citrullus lanatus, Cucurbitaceae

Common name(s), variety: Watermelon, Crimson Sweet

Type of reproductive material: Seed

Weight of 100 seeds: 3.648 g / 0.128 oz

Plant life cycle: Annual

Plant Part commercially exploited: Fruits

Average Yield potential tons per hectare: 50 Outdoors – 60 Greenhouse

You can find more information concerning the cultivation of the species here.

Source: Wikifarmer Editorial Team (20230615) https://wikifarmer.com/citrullus-lanatus-watermelon-seeds/
Weight 3.7 g
Dimensions 0.14 × 0.085 × 0.02 m

1 review for Watermelon Seeds (100 pieces)

  1. Michael Weber

    Since there is a ton of different water melon spiecies out there, it would be good to get a more precize information about the exact origin. But for the rest awesome as always!

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