Kingdom of Fungi

Prototyp of a environment to grow fungi

We were looking for a method to cultivate mushrooms in an controlled environment. Therefore we integrated sensors and actuators to perform maintain the optimal growth environment for the mycelium.

Than by increasing the fresh air supply and the light exposure, we trigger a fruiting response. As a result of that fruiting bodies start to form, what we typically call mushrooms. In the picture on the right you can see the the first prototyp of this idea. We bought a tiny refrigerator and converted it into a growing environment for mushrooms.

Central components are:

 – An ultrasonic humidifier

 – A temperature and humidity sensor (DHT 22)

 – LED lights on both levels

 – Ventilation Fans

 – A heating mat

The fungi themselfs are grown in blastic containers with grain and some minor ingredients as a substrate. The first test was very successull we ware able to harvest within 15 days. The quality of the harvest was very high and we were able to harvest within 6 days from the same substrate for the second time.

All the previous listed components are controlled by and Ardunio Uno and some extra tranistors and relays.

This can be seen on the next picture.


Back view of the first prototype

Here you can see the back of the prototype.

We tried to keep the electronical design as simple as possible.

This is supposed to endure a high degree of fault tollerance with a minimum of resources needed for that.

We were also working with prebuild modules and a breadboard, to make our design easily adaptive to changes.

Everything is ready to be plugged in and adjust itself to the preset conditions.

These can be changed connecting the Arduino to a Computer and uploading the new sketch.

The whole process was conducted using a design thinking approach.


Download link to the bachelor thesis which lead to the previous prototype